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Sexe: Reu

Ares (reu) Status beschikbaar

Ares plaatsingsdatum 17-04-2020

Lieve & knappe Senior


* Leeftijd: 10 jaar jong
* Karakter: Heel lief, rustig en sociaal
* Medisch: Hij heeft hartmedicatie nodig en kan daardoor prima een normaal leven leiden
* Kattentest: Kan NIET met katten
* Schofthoogte: Onbekend
* Ras: Galgo
* Sexe: Reu
* Verblijft: Pleeggezin nabij Amores Peludos


Update 01-09-2020 onderaan:

Ontmoet Ares, 10 jaar jong. Wie valt er voor de charmes van deze lieve en knappe senior?
Na een levenlang gebruikt te zijn geweest, verdient Ares een gouden en zachte mand waar hij eindelijk kan gaan genieten.
Het is extra mooi om een senior te zien genieten, de liefde die je hiervoor terug gaat krijgen, is onbetaalbaar!

Bekijk ook de filmpjes in zijn pleeggezin


Update 01-09-2020:

Tekst & filmpje van zijn pleeggezin uit Spanje:

He is Ares an endearing grandfather. Yielded by his “owner” because he was no longer useful for hunting, he arrived in a somewhat delicate state since he had suffered a heart attack from which he has recovered like a wild boar. He suffers from heart disease that does not prevent him from leading a very normal life with his medication.

He is the most affectionate I have ever seen, he melts with each touch he receives.

He loves to sleep, his law is that of minimal effort, he also loves to ride in a car more than anything in the world and observe everything that is happening before his eyes, he loves stuffed animals, he loves to interact with other dogs, he loves to look at himself In the mirror, she loves to run around the garden. Enjoy every minute of life.
He has been with us for almost a year and no one has been interested in him, which makes me very sad as he is an exceptional dog. We would adopt him with our eyes closed if it were not because he is not suitable with cats and in my family there is a cat. Without a doubt, it is the most special welcome that this family has experienced.

I do not know what the grandparents have that as you cross your eyes with them they have made you fall in love.

Ares is looking for a family, he has a lot of love to offer. He has not had an easy life since 10 years of his life has been solely and exclusively a work tool without having received the warmth of a family and a dignified life. Do not be afraid to meet a sweet grandfather, you will not regret it.
Grandpa, we promise that we will find that family that you have dreamed of so much and deserve so much. Meanwhile we will continue to take care of you and you of us.
Signed. Your host family.”



Ares is een schat. Zo kalm en lief. Hij kan met alle honden, zowel reuen als teven.

Hij heeft hartmedicatie nodig en kan daardoor prima een normaal leven leiden.

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